me in a hat and hiking gear sitting next to a crater

science meets art

Hi, I'm Laci!

From studying the universe to painting it, I believe science and art are interconnected. My mission is to communicate scientific concepts in a visually engaging, accessible manner to foster a deeper appreciation and understanding of astronomy. I do this through unique, educational paintings.

I finished my PhD in planetary sciences in 2021 studying the atmospheres of brown dwarfs and exoplanets. Under the guise of Steller Arts—wordplay on my love of the cosmos and name of one of my favorite birds, the Steller's Jay—I paint artworks inspired by space + nature. I am a published researcher in astrophysics, science education, and have extensive experience teaching undergraduate students topics from physics to geology. Join me as I create content on social media connecting science + art, redefining what it means to be a scientist.