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IC 348

IC 348

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One of my favorite JWST images that's been released recently. Lurking in this young star cluster are some of the lowest-mass brown dwarfs detected to date at roughly 3-8 times the mass of Jupiter. Brown dwarfs are hybrid objects with properties of both stars and planets typically ranging in mass from 13-80 times the mass of Jupiter. They're often called failed stars because they form like stars but do not have enough mass to sustain hydrogen fusion. I studied clouds on brown dwarfs for my PhD research.


  • 4 x 4 in (10 x 10 cm) mini acrylic painting on lightly-textured canvas panel
  • Varnished with a beautiful satin glaze
  • Mini easel included & ready for display
  • Back of piece signed; includes certificate of authenticity
  • Flat rate shipping: $10 domestic, $20 international

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